Employee Communication Software Features

    Get everyone on the same page and keep them up-to-date and ready to go when their shift begins. Respond quickly to the inevitable changes that come up right before and/or during the shift.

    manager sending message to employees In fast paced work environments where schedules and shift priorities change in response to customer and employee needs - getting everyone on the same page, with the right information, sent to the right people, at the right time is essential. Our employee communication software is context aware – which means we empower both employees and managers to communicate relevant information to exactly the right people using the most effective means (email, notifications, posts, alerts via desktop, tablet, mobile device, etc.). No more frustration and internal tension caused by miscommunication – our messaging solution gets the word out to the intended audience instantly.


    Up-to-Date & Ready-to-Go

    Keep employees up-to-date on critical information or changes that directly impact them and the shifts they are scheduled to work.



    Empowered & Engaged Employees

    Employees are more engaged and motivated when they are included in the communication loop – they are part of the team delivering a winning service.



    Fewer Missed Shifts

    Connected employees are easier to keep in touch with and more likely to give you a heads up if they are going to miss a shift or arrive late.


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    Communicator - Manager

    A complete staff communication platform utilizing email, text messaging, a message board, and an automated messaging service.

    Communicating with employees while attempting to keep everyone on the same page can be time-consuming and unreliable. Playing phone tag and/or hoping employees will read your Facebook post to get shift updates or changes is not an effective communications approach. Our Communicator module provides you with a flexible messaging platform for instant and reliable communications. Get the right information to the appropriate employees precisely when it will be most effective. Provide in-context alerts and notifications to specific employees to catch their attention when they clock-in/out or each time they open their schedule – our system is a powerful, flexible, and intelligent messaging platform!

    manager sending message to employees


    Sometimes things happen fast in the workplace and you need to get the word out to employees right away. Our employee communication module can be used to send messages instantly – you can get the message out immediately and receive confirmation back so that everyone is on the same page.


    Not everyone communicates in the same way. We designed our software to let managers and employees configure the system around their own preferences. Users can select which device and whether they will receive texts, emails, notifications, alerts and/or a combination of the types of messaging they prefer to receive.

    Message board for "Shift Notes"

    Every shift has its priorities and update requirements. Our messaging board feature is the perfect solution for keeping everyone scheduled to a specific shift up-to-date with the latest “Shift Notes”.

    Powerful & flexible messaging platform

    Our messaging system is comprehensive – you can choose the communication channel (text, email, alerts, notifications) and the audience (individuals, departments, locations, companies, shifts, etc.).

    Automated messaging

    Many companies have created recurring workflows around how they prepare for and manage all activities around their shifts – including communication. We designed our system to enable messages to be sent to specific audiences at predefined times – providing managers with efficient and flexible communications tool.

    Targeted and/or broadcast messages

    Too much communication can become a distraction to employees – taking them away from their work and making it harder to catch their attention when you need it. Our employee messaging service enables you to be very targeted in your communications – getting the right messages to affected employees right when they need the information.

    Intelligent alerts & notifications

    The system knows when to draw your attention to potential issues, critical reminders or responses, and confirmations. These alerts and notifications help you prevent unnecessary overtime, confirm a critical shift change, or acknowledge an important staff time-off request approval. As a result, you can be more confident that your schedule is running effectively and your staff will be less stressed about whether they are up-to-date.

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    employee receiving message from manager

    Communicator - Employee

    All your work schedules and shift information in one place, when you need it - smart, simple & easy!

    It’s hard keeping track of all the updates and changes your job throws at you – most of the time there is too much communication that is either dated or not relevant to what you do or when you do it. Turn off the messaging firehose! Our employee messaging helps you cut through the clutter by delivering only what you need to know when you need to know it. The system is smart - it knows when and where you are scheduling and only sends you messages that help you focus on your shift. You can also be confident that the messages you send are private, secure, and only being sent to and seen by the right people.

    It's easy! No training required

    Get up and running fast! It is easy to use and simple to setup. No training required! You can decide how you want to receive messages and get started using the device(s) most comfortable to you.

    Safe & private

    Have confidence that the messages you send are private, secure, and only being sent to and seen by the right people in your organization. Our system restricts messaging to your managers and co-workers – messages and alerts are preset to reach only those employees for which the information is relevant.

    Know your voice has been heard

    We know your time-off and vacation requests are important to you. Our system automatically notifies you and your manager when requests are received and approved. No more worrying about whether your request has been received – you are always up-to-date and in the loop.

    Anywhere & anytime access

    Send and receive messages in real-time on any device at any time, 24/7. Our messaging system makes it simple and fast to connect with all your workers no matter when or where they are working.

    Smart messages, alerts & notifications

    Because our system knows where, when, and what position you are scheduled to work, you will only get messages, notifications, and alerts that are relevant to your work. If a shift changes or you are running late, the system automatically notifies you so that you can respond or make other arrangements.

    Everyone up-to-date

    Don’t worry about being out of the loop. Our system has the smarts to notify you about changes or updates that will impact your shift or schedule. When you need to notify or update the whole team – no problem! Our system enables you to target who to message, with the right information, at the right time.

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