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Online employee work schedule

If you’re a manager, you probably depend on the Internet when performing many of your essential functions because it saves time and makes your job easier. So why are you still using pen and paper for employee scheduling? Orbital Shift offers intuitive, easy-to-use online scheduling software that enhances and simplifies employee management by providing Web-based access to real-time staff schedules and other work-related communications. You’ll wonder how you ever got by without it!

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Industries who use our online time clock and employee scheduling software. Companies that use our employee scheduling or time clock software Online work schedules, time clock, and enhanced communication are great benefits these clients get. Users of our Workforce Management Solution
"I have never experienced a program that is so easy to start, change or come back to for schedule management."
Cathy Tafelmeyer, General Manager - Kagy Korner Store

What Can You Do with Our Employee Online Scheduling Solution?

Use our online scheduler to create and modify employee schedules from your computer or mobile device. Get a real-time view of allocated labor hours by employee, position or department so you can easily determine areas of under- or over-staffing. Evaluate various staff scheduling scenarios at once so you can determine the most cost-effective solution. You can also quickly view staffing reports and other relevant scheduling data. And with the integration of our online employee time tracking software, you’ll be able to more effectively manage labor hours to ensure adequate shift coverage and eliminate waste.

Employee scheduling has never been easier with our easy to use online scheduling software.
Easily request or approve shifts using text messaging.

Online Scheduling Also Makes Life Easier for Your Employees

Your employees will also appreciate our online time scheduler. Your team will be able to check work schedules online instead of having to come into the facility on off days or bother you with constant phone calls. Employees can make scheduling requests and receive your response by email or text. They can also view notes from you regarding scheduling issues, or volunteer to cover open shifts.

By improving communication, our online scheduling tool can improve your level of employee satisfaction, which ultimately leads to reduced turnover.

The Best Online Scheduling Software Is Also Affordable

Our online scheduler is cloud-based, which means you don’t have to purchase additional hardware, software or other expensive equipment. Just access it from your Web-enabled computer and you’re ready to go.

Our scalable, subscription-based pricing structure also makes our online time scheduler affordable for small and large companies alike—you only pay for what you need.

We make managing your staff easier with our online communication system!

Fully Supported Software Solution

Orbital Shift provides full support for our online employee scheduling product. This includes onboarding quick start guides for administrators and new employees, instructional videos and tutorials, manager training sessions and more. You’ll have access to prompt and reliable email and phone support for as long as you’re an Orbital Shift client.


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"Orbital Shift makes my life 10 times easier! Now Communicating with staff via text and email, getting shifts covered, working around school schedules & vacations ... there are no miscommunications anymore. It's all online. "
Jay Thane, GM  |  Bacchus Pub

"Within the first week of use, Orbital Shift's scheduling application allowed me to cut 28 over-staffed hours a week, resulting in thousands of dollars saved every year for my business. "
Mark Schmidt, Owner-GM  |  Mullan Station

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