Online Time and Attendance Software

online time and attendance software

Free up valuable time and money with our easy to use Online Time and Attendance Software. Strenghten the process of tracking employees by integrating your scheduling with time and attendance into one centralized system. Our online software brings all your workforce management needs up to date with todays technology.

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Industries who use our online time clock and employee scheduling software. Companies that use our employee scheduling or time clock software Online work schedules, time clock, and enhanced communication are great benefits these clients get. Users of our Workforce Management Solution
"Orbital Shift Scheduling System provides a complete and professional way to manage employee schedules, at an extremely reasonable cost."
Mitch Bradley, Owner - Heeb's East Main Grocery

Online Time and Attendance System

  • Paid and unpaid absent types allow for customization of how employees can request time off within the system.
  • Manage labor costs in real time by reviewing worked and projected employee hours from any internet-enabled device
  • Get immediate feedback about whether an employee worked more or less than what they were scheduled.
  • Set how early you allow your staff to clock in by leveraging our custom time and attendance system settings with employee work schedules, better controlling your labor hours
Online time clock tablet station.
Time and attendance tracking available online from anywhere.

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  • Easily track and manage employee time and attendance by assigning unavailable and/or custom absent events throughout the week.
  • Setup special dates, such as holidays, to automatically give custom wages on these days.
  • Be alerted to employees who were on the clock for an extended amount of time or forgot to clock out before exporting time clock data to payroll
  • Receive alerts via email or text when employees are not clocked in for a scheduled work shift that already started
  • Customize absent types by position to better suit your business's needs.

Client Testimonials: What our users are saying

"Orbital Shift saves me several hours per week and not just in schedule creation. Employee requests and calling in to ask for their schedules really adds up when we are busy with customers! Less time dealing with scheduling and more time with customers is always good for business. "
Chris Hurlbut, Service Mgr  |  Rosauers

"I have been in the hospitality business for more than 40 years. I save a tremendous amount of time with Orbital Shift as well as the anxiety that scheduling can create. This system is very user friendly and the designers have addressed every situation that can arise. I highly recommend this software for your company."
John Melchior, GM  |  Finn & Porter

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