Scheduling Features

    Employee scheduling software that is easy-to-use and simple to setup.

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    Eliminate time consuming efforts to resolve schedule conflicts and missed shifts. Let our online employee shift scheduling software do the work for you. Empower employees by putting easy-to-use and collaborative scheduling tools right in their hands. With the help of Orbital Shift, employees will spend more time delighting customers and less time resolving scheduling and miscommunication issues. Join the thousands of customers who have relied on Orbital Shift employee scheuling software to help run their busineses for nearly eight years. With software designed to run in the cloud, your data will stay protected and you can trust our online scheduling app and time clock software to be responsive and reliable - regardless of the number of users your organization has.


    Save Time

    Spend less time scheduling & more time running your business & satisfying customers. Our scheduling app has helped customers reduce time spent scheduling by ~70%.



    Improve Accountability

    Our software keeps employees engaged in the scheduling process with 24/7 messaging features and automatic alerts  to remind them when they are late for a shift.



    Get Started Fast

    Our step-by-step guide and tutorial videos make getting started a no-brainer. Our software is designed to be intuitive and easy-to-use.


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    Smart Shift - Scheduler

    The Smart Shift - Scheduler module is a robust Online Scheduling App with helpful features that make scheduling shifts fast and simple. Get the right person in the right shift at the right time every time!

    You know your customers, you know your business, and you know your team. Our online scheduling software lets you focus on what you know, and avoid wasting time creating scheduling worksheets and Excel spreadsheets. Our software comes packed with tools and best practices that make it easy to always schedule the right people in the right shifts at the right time. We make employee scheduling a snap!

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    Calendar & date ranges

    Our Smart Scheduler software module doesn’t box you in. Now you can easily manage schedules to match the ebbs and flows of work capacity. View an entire week or month’s calendar, and move shifts from day-to-day and person-to-person, until you are completely satisfied with the schedule. Publish dates are customizable, giving managers the freedom to release information when they want and to whom they believe needs to see it. 


    Increase profitability and customer satisfaction with the help of our schedule seasonality capability. This powerful feature makes it easy to match historical demand and capacity insights with your schedule planning efforts. Simply drag and drop the seasonality impact into your schedule plan, and watch your business grow all year round. 


    Tags make it easy to keep track of everything going on with your business with just a few clicks. Select the attributes you need to keep track of and Tags will do the rest. This makes it easy to keep everyone on the same page about special shifts or events. No staffing situation is too complex when you have Tags to help!


    Sometimes you need to get the details - fast. The hover feature makes it easy to access all the information you need, even when you’re busy juggling a million other tasks. Simply hover over an event or employee name and the software instantly displays the hidden schedule, shift or employee details. Fast and simple!


    Many businesses have established employee scheduling patterns based on past trends. Our integrated schedule planning templates make complex scheduling tasks simple. Say goodbye to the long hours spent creating schedules to accommodate customer and capacity requirements. With scheduling templates that can be copied, pasted dragged and dropped, complicated scheduling patterns can be organized in minutes.


    Complex data patterns and analysis, simplified. Our filters help turn confusing stats into actionable insights. Now larger businesses can quickly and confidently make informed decisions based on company, location, department, position, event type, or time-period.

    Drag & drop

    Schedulers often find themselves in a hurry to update, change, or publish a schedule using the fastest approach possible – the drag and drop feature is perfect for moving templates, shifts, or employee events instantly with a stroke of the mouse.

    Publishing window

    Scheduling managers often plan-out work schedules for long-term periods, often looking forward for an entire year. This long-term planning approach allows the scheduler to factor in fluctuations in employee availability or capacity constraints. These long-term scheduling details can be distracting to employees. Our Smart Scheduler module allows the scheduler to define the date range schedules will be published for employees, allowing schedulers to plan and employees to stay focused on the upcoming shifts on the published schedule.

    Industries supported

    Not all businesses are the same – our flexible work scheduling software has been adapted to the unique needs of over a dozen industries. We support the requirements of many industries, including: Retail, Hospitality, Gaming, Seasonal Industries, Energy, Grocery, Franchise, Professional Services, Restaurants, Healthcare, Hospitals, Schools, Colleges, Universities, and Assisted Living.

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    Smart Shift - Manager

    The Smart Shift - Manager module provides powerful software features that take the guesswork and hassle out of scheduling.

    Spend less time scheduling and more time running your business. Eliminate time consuming efforts to resolve scheduling conflicts and missed shifts - let our online employee shift scheduling software do the work for you.

    Available & qualified staff

    With our scheduling software, only employees who are both available and qualified for an open shift position are displayed as eligible for scheduling. This filter ensures shift conflicts are avoided and only qualified staff are assigned to open shifts. The shift planning dashboard visibly flags all potential shift conflicts and proposes corrective action. As a result, scheduling managers can rely upon conflict free shift schedules staffed with employees qualified for the shift responsibilities.

    Open shift postings

    Empower employees by allowing them to pick their schedules. Open shift and position requirements can be posted to a “job board” for employees to self-schedule based on their work schedule preferences.

    Schedule events

    Schedule events are the core of the system – they can be added, edited and deleted easily with a click, copy and paste, drag and drop or delete. Fast & easy! They are also smart – conflicts, mismatched position skills, or overtime will automatically flag a warning.

    Shift cover events

    When a shift is added, or needs to be covered, the opening is immediately posted and communicated via text and/or email. Qualified, available employees can submit cover requests for approval. 

    Know who is working

    Employees and managers always have access to see who is working each position and shift – providing full visibility into who is working, when and where. This 24/7 visibility goes a long way toward eliminating confusion over the schedule.

    Schedule conflict alerts

    Make your schedule run more smoothly by viewing each employee's availability and preferences as you build the schedule. The Smart Scheduler automatically flags potential conflicts and informs the scheduler of alternative staffing options.

    Find replacement staff

    When scheduling changes occur or a shift needs to be covered, all available and qualified employees can be identified instantly. Efficient and targeted notifications immediately alert affected employees of open shifts and schedule updates.

    Reviews and approvals

    The Smart Shift module makes it easy for schedulers to prioritize, review and approve specific scheduling events. Approvals can be made individually for urgent situations or grouped and processed periodically as part of the routine scheduling cycle.

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    Add employees easily

    Add and invite your employees to get them started. An invitation via text and email will automatically be sent to added or updated employees. Once they accept, they have immediate access to schedules, updates, messages, and reporting.

    Import/export critical data and reports

    With our software, there is no need to manually enter employee, position, and department information. Simply import data via on-boarding templates or csv files to save time and avoid errors.

    Enable rich, targeted messaging

    The system was designed to help keep everyone on the same page regarding scheduling and other position, shift or department-level information. We make it simple to setup and use these powerful communication features. Keep staff connected to their work schedules anytime, anywhere, with text message alerts, and mobile and email notifications.

    Configure the system for your business

    We provide prescriptive, step-by-step guidance so that you can setup and configure the system to work the same way your business does. You control the software, not the other way around.

    Customize views & reporting

    We understand that every business and department is different. We provide you with robust reporting and data views to help inform critical decisions at a glance, using both standard and ad hoc reports. Managers can easily view the entire schedule or filter by specific criteria (department, location, event type, etc.) to quickly access necessary data insights. 

    Project scheduling software

    Not every scheduling situation involves static positions, locations, and departments that can be easily assigned. No problem! Through the System Center you can create specific projects, while still retaining the power and flexibility of the system.

    Leverage the power and flexibility of Cloud Computing

    Orbital Shift is an online, cloud-based scheduling app, so there is no installation required – your online scheduling software is just a few clicks away. We make it easy for you to add employees, locations, departments and positions so that you can begin scheduling shifts immediately. Our guided setup and video tutorials make it a breeze for both managers and staff to get started.

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    Smart Shift - Employee

    The Smart Shift - Employee module brings together the information employees need to feel empowered in their jobs. Engaged, motivated staff create happy, satisfied customers!

    Schedule confusion, missed shifts, conflicts, and under/overstaffing situations create stress for managers and employees. Managers are left frustrated and employees feel disempowered. Often this tension results in lost productivity and/or reduced focus on delighting customers. These challenges are distant memories once you start using our online employee scheduling app!

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    Vacation, leave, and time-off

    Employees are empowered to enter, update and manage their availability via customizable absence event types, with the option of leaving notes to the manager. This gives employees control over their availability, and allows them to schedule time off without fear of being scheduled for a shift.

    Anywhere, anytime access

    Employees and managers always have access to view, manage, and update their schedules via desktops, tablets and mobile phones - whether they are at their desk or on the go.

    Flexible employee messaging app

    Keeping everyone on the same page can be a challenge. Our scheduling app allows staff to get in touch with coworkers, managers, and schedulers 24/7 via their phone, desktop or tablet. No more scheduling confusion due to poor communication!

    Shift cover & swap requests

    When an employee knows a shift conflicts with an event not related to work, they can publish a shift cover request. A qualified coworker with availability can cover the open shift. No more missed shifts or understaffing! Now covers can be arranged in minutes.

    Notifications, alerts, confirmations

    Employees receive event confirmations to verify their assigned shifts. They can customize which events are viewable by other employees, ensuring private events and information are kept private.

    Shadow shift events

    Many employees have the skills and flexibility to work in different positions, departments, or locations during a work day or week. No problem! The Smart Shift module can keep track of all employee activities and provide them with a streamlined view of their schedules across all positions, departments, locations, and companies.

    Privacy & security

    24/7 access to employee event information and messaging helps ensure everyone is on the same page, while still protecting employee privacy. Our software is both powerful and flexible – employees can control who sees what, guaranteeing private details and messages stay that way.

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    System Center

    The System Center module  delivers powerful software and flexibility to meet the unique needs of small and large companies in a variety of industries.

    Software that is powerful and flexible. It helps supercharge your business so that you can focus on delivering results not managing scheduling software apps. Got a question, call our awesome support team!


    Whether you run a big company, a franchise, a non-profit, or a group of affiliated entities our software has the flexibility to conform to how you manage your business. You can map out the structure of the business and the system will provide the information and reporting you need.


    Companies use departments to help organize how work will be scheduled and managed by different employee groups. When the nature of work activities changes or the composition of the members of a group is reorganized, the departments must be updated. Our software is incredibly flexible so you can setup departments as they exist today, make changes as you grow, and reorganize them as you change.


    Roles are used to provide privileges, actions, and views for each user in the system. Each role and the associated settings are configured in the System Center configuration process. These can be updated and changed as the needs of the organization evolve.

    Purpose built for your industry

    Not all businesses are the same – our flexible work scheduling software has been adapted to the unique needs of over a dozen industries.


    The System Center configuration engine lets you switch between locations as you create the schedule, allowing you to keep each of the schedules you manage entirely separate from one another. You can even share employees between locations, and at a glance see who's available when and where.


    Positions are used to establish the activities, skills, and responsibilities needed to fill a shift. Each shift can utilize numerous different positions – although a specific position will always define the activities, skills, and responsibilities of assigned employees in a consistent manner.


    Sometimes employees have a variety of skills that enable them to fulfill the requirements of multiple positions or roles across one or more departments or locations. Our system can track (or shadow) these employee across the scheduled events to prevent schedule conflicts, excess hours, or unnecessary overtime.

    Secure, snappy and reliable

    Our software was designed to run in the cloud from the start – your data is protected and your business can rely on our software to be reliable and snappy no matter how many users you have.