Mobile Employee Scheduling & Time Clock Software Features

    A complete solution for employees and managers on the go. Stay up-to-date and on top of your business via your mobile device.

    employees checking schedule update on mobile deviceStaying connected isn’t about working more – it’s about getting more work done in the time you have. Our mobile employee scheduling and time clock features let you make the most out of the time you have - when and where you can fit work into your day. Your work, on your terms.



    Our mobile features allow you to be away from your desk and actively engaged - running your business while staying on top of critical requests and approvals.




    We give you the right information in the right views so that you can read, review, and approve critical decisions on your phone.



    Most changes and updates to schedules are time sensitive and require a quick response. We make it easy for you to view, decide, and quickly respond while mobile.

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    Mobile - Manager

    Put your office in your pocket.

    Who says you can't take it with you? We all have hectic work schedules that require long hours in the office. Our mobile employee scheduling and time clock solution was designed to let you take control of where and when you get the job done. Stop driving to the office to stay on top of schedules, approving shifts, cover requests, and reacting to alerts and notifications. Now you can manage these activities while on the go - on your mobile device.  

    employee receiving request approval notification

    Review & update schedules

    Things happen; employees get sick and schedules need to change. No problem! Review and approve schedule updates so things run smoothly even when you are out of the office.

    See who is working now

    Keeping an eye on who is working and who may be late is simple and no longer requires a trip to the office. Just check your phone and be informed in seconds.

    Review and approve time-off requests

    Routine reviews of employee time-off requests shouldn’t keep you tied to your desk. Now you can review and approve these requests when you have a few extra minutes while you are on the go.

    Review & approve shift cover requests

    You can’t control when an employee needs to adjust their availability unexpectedly. Accommodating shift cover requests that make sense even when you are on the go is good for employees and for customers.

    Alerts, notifications, and shift notes

    Get up-to-date on real-time events or activities in the time it takes to glance at your mobile device.

    Find shift replacements

    Somehow something always comes up and employees don’t show up for their shift – with no advanced notice you are stuck trying to find a replacement. We make it easy to get the word out and get a replacement to staff the missed shift.

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    Mobile - Employee

    Don't let your job keep you tied to a desk.

    We all work too much - sometimes just having the freedom to stay in-touch and informed while we are out and about makes balancing work and personal commitments less stressful. Often, just a glance at the schedule is all you need to see - now you can get the information you need right on your mobile device.

    Remember you can stay in touch while mobile:

    • Access your schedule - anytime & anywhere
    • Find out who is working your shift
    • Request shift covers or trades
    • Monitor vacation or time-off requests
    • Check alerts & notifications
    • Review Shift Notes
    • Clock in & out

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