Our Vision

    To deliver the best, most engaging workforce management software that makes businesses stronger and employees happier. We are on a mission to create innovative, employee-focused applications that empower small and mid-sized businesses with insightful solutions while helping managers and employees work better together - driving business success today and beyond.


    Company Background

    Orbital Shift serves many industries, including: hospitality, healthcare, grocery, and retail, to name a few. We believe we are just on the tip of the iceberg when it comes to on-demand software advancement across the globe and we're pretty excited about that. In an effort to encourage growth, we cultivate an entrepreneurial culture that inspires us to focus our individual skills and talents, to help others spend less time working and more time enjoying other stuff.

    Our Headquarters is in Missoula, Montana and we have offices in Bozeman, Montana.


    Meet the Team

    At Orbital Shift we are shaped by our culture and guided by our core values. 

    We embrace new challenges everyday. Experiment, fail, learn, repeat. Our vibe attracts our tribe. Our energy, attitude, and boldness is contagious. We cultivate an environment of focus, curiosity, fun, and mutual respect. Our goal is to solve more problems than we create, every single day. We strive to be the best version of ourselves and help others do the same. Always be willing to help clients, encourage teammates, and contribute to a positive culture, wherever we are.

    Kevin O'Reilly

    Kevin O'Reilly, Founder & CEO

    Kevin is Orbital Shift's Founder and the driving force behind the Company's mission to revolutionize the way people work by transforming the interaction and engagement between employers and employees.

    Travis Collins

    Travis Collins, Director of Sales

    Travis is responsible for global and domestic business development and customer outreach. As a former customer of Orbital Shift during his time as a successful restaurant entrepreneur, Collins is uniquely equipped to help enable businesses and non-profit entities of all sizes to immediately realize the benefits of improved productivity and increased employee satisfaction offered by Orbital Shift’s workforce management and employee scheduling solutions. For eight years, Collins helped build and expand the successful entrepreneurial restaurant company, McKenzie River Pizza, playing a leadership role in expanding the business while being directly involved in day-to-day management of staff, inventory and customer engagement. Subsequent to the successful sale of McKenzie River Pizza, Collins served in leading business development roles at two Montana-based marketing and technology companies.

    Ken Ingle

    Ken Ingle, Director of Engineering

    Ken is the head of engineering at Orbital Shift.  With more than 20 years in the software industry, he has led teams developing multiple software-as-a-service products for Microsoft, First Data Corporation, and iTradeNetwork.  Building useful, scalable software that delights its users is his passion, and is why he has found Orbital Shift a great fit. When he gets a break, Ken travels wherever he and his wife can escape to (usually Disney or a beach with cocktail service).

    Jeremy Nelson

    Jeremy Nelson, Client Success Leader

    Jeremy has been in Customer Service positions for the better part of two decades. A people-pleaser, true and through, Jeremy goes above and beyond to deliver an excellent experience, no matter the setting.

    Hailing from North Dakota, with a brief detour in New York, he happily found Missoula and is a graduate of the University of Montana. He enjoys all seasons in Montana, and can be found playing hockey for most of them. When he is not enjoying the company of his family and friends, he is on the road to any place on the map that he has not yet been.

    Anna Williams

    Anna Williams, Office Manager

    Anna graduated from the University of Montana in 2016 with a degree in Psychology. Originally from Bozeman, she has always loved living in Montana, but found her heart in Missoula. After graduating, she began her career doing in-home therapy and working with children with Autism before finding her place with the Orbital Shift team. When Anna is not helping to keep things running with Orbital, she enjoys going on adventures and exploring all Montana has to offer with adventure pup, Moxie.

    Peter Clough

    Peter Clough, Software Engineer

    Pete has been a Software Engineer with Orbital Shift for 6+ years and has been working with computers and software ever since he was a kid. Graduating from the University of Montana in 2013, he began at Orbital Shift as an intern and is now one of our senior developers. A self-professed nerd who enjoys video games, tabletop RPGs, and exploring new technologies in both hardware and software. He also enjoys reading a good book and occasionally attempting to write his own.

    Lance Hughes

    Lance Hughes, Client Success

    Lance is a Missoula native, a devoted husband, and proud dad to three strong-willed kids making him perfect for our client success team. Lance, a 6 foot 5 inch giant and one of six kids, learned patience at a young age, creating the perfect blend of problem solver and helper,  ensuring each need is met.  Lance is a lover of all things "nerd" culture, such as, Star Wars, video games, and comic books. And when he's not nerding-out, you will find him rooting for the Montana Grizzlies during football season.

    Devin Popper

    Devin Popper, Client Success

    Devin Popper is a graduate of the University of Montana whose interests include writing, technology, and winter sports. Raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Devin always had a deep desire to live in the mountains, and felt at home when he discovered Missoula, Montana. Devin has helped host community events in Missoula, and is valued for his writing and communication skills, as well as his eagerness to learn and further his education, making him a valued asset to the Client Success Team. In his free time, Devin enjoys seeing live music, exploring Montana, and spending time with the people he cares about most.

    Kate Chan

    Kate Chan, Inside Sales

    Kate grew up in Maine but spent most of her life in Colorado. She has been a leader in every aspect of the service industry for the past 20 years. Having lived in Montana before, joining the Orbital Shift team is what brought her back to the beautiful city of Bozeman. Her skillset in relationship building, communication, and overall zest for life are crucial assets to the Orbital Shift team. In her free time, she likes to cook, go on adventures with her dog, and spend time on the Madison River. 

    Jenna Hanson - Johnson

    Jenna Hanson - Johnson, Inside Sales

    Jenna grew up in Duluth, Minnesota and moved to St. Joseph, where she got her degree in Global Business Leadership and Communication from the College of Saint Benedict/Saint John's University. She recently moved to Bozeman, MT in early 2017 to join the Orbital Shift team. When Jenna is not doing her part for Orbital Shift, she enjoys hiking the various trails that Bozeman has to offer with her dog, Reagan.

    Jordan Purinton

    Jordan Purinton, Developer

    Jordan Purinton is a software engineer who is working to enhance the Orbital Shift experience on mobile platforms. Since joining Orbital Shift, Jordan has primarily devoted his attention to mobile and API development. Currently in the home stretch of his collegiate career, Jordan has been studying Computer Science at the University of Montana since 2013 and joined Orbital Shift in January of 2017. When Jordan isn't busy being entrenched in the matrix, he spends his free time struggling at Overwatch and getting his heart broken by the Los Angeles Dodgers.

    Board of Directors

    Kevin O'Reilly

    Kevin O'Reilly

    Allan Skogen

    Allan Skogen

    Will Price

    Will Price

    Dave Danford

    Dave Danford

    Larry Cates

    Larry Cates


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