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In-App Staff Message Center

Within Orbital Shift's employee management application, messages sent to employees are now accessible from the newly updated team message center page. Today, no matter if a user is verified to receive email or text messages, all user alerts are now viewable and organized from within Orbital Shift's mobile time clock and employee scheduling apps.

Staff Mobile App Push Notifications

Introducing Orbital Shift's newest mobile app feature, push notifications to employees! With this upgrade to our staff notification system, we now deliver a third communication channel as an alternative to sending staff emails and SMS messages. Keeping your team in the loop about open shifts, meeting reminders, and missed punches have never been more straightforward.

Employee Time Clock Alerts

Receiving notifications and alerts is one way our time and attendance software continues helping staff managers stay aware of unexpected labor activity. We are now excited to extend these time clock messaging features by introducing a couple of new notifications. The details of our new employee attendance messages follow!

ACA Eligibility Tracking Software for Employers

We’ve been working with clients and accountants to learn about the challenges, complexity, and increasing costs organizations face today when complying with the ACA employer mandate. A summary of topics and the technical solutions from those conversations follows.

Scheduling Meal and Rest Breaks at Work

New manager feature to create unpaid and paid breaks at work for employees. Managers can visually review staffing levels and shift coverage, while restricted break settings help compliance with Federal break laws.

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