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Business Applications Software Engineer Ken Ingle Joins Orbital Shift

Serving as Director of Engineering, Ken Ingle brings more than 20 years of experience with Microsoft, iTrade Network and First Data Corp. to Orbital Shift, Inc.

Empower Employees, Increase Retention

One of the biggest - and most expensive - challenges a manager faces is retaining hourly employees.

Save Time, Cut Expenses with Orbital Shift

Managing a business of any size is difficult, but Orbital Shift is dedicated to making it easier.

Say 'Goodbye' to Excel and 'Hello' to Cloud-Based Scheduling Software

Five ways switching to online scheduling software will help your company.

Development Team Unveils User Interface Enhancements

This week, we released an update that optimizes the look of our software interface.

The new look, however, did not change the functionality of the software. This means our current users are able to continue to use Orbital Shift just as they had before.

How to tap into your company's star power

In business, not all employees are created equal.

Local Business Owner Saves Time From Online Scheduling App

‘Best Little Big Store in Town; Little Store Personality, Big Store Variety'

Dave Danford Joins the Board of Orbital Shift

A Senior Marketing and Strategic Executive at Microsoft for More than 25 Years, Danford is Now a Board Member and Marketing Advisor for Orbital Shift

Employment Law Changes in 2017

One of the most important functions of any human resources department is keeping up with employment law and adjusting office protocols to work within it. Each of the company's employees is a human being who is entitled to all the protections the law provides. Any mistakes in the adding of hours or handling of medical insurance information, for instance, could severely injure an employee.

Orbital Shift opens Bozeman office, expands sales team

New Today: Experienced Restaurant Entrepreneur and Technology Sales Executive, Travis Collins, To Lead Global Sales Initiatives

Alert Messaging Feature

The impact of employee tardiness on a business is detrimental to many aspects of the company: from decreasing employee morale, to negatively impacting productivity in the office. As business owners and managers, you are often presented with a challenge to manage expectations regarding employee tardiness and reprimand employees who are regularly tardy.

Orbital Shift revolutionizes business workforce management

New Today: Successful Closing of a $1.25 Million Strategic Round of Investment, Led by Next Frontier Capital, Will Help Propel Orbital Shift Product Development, Customer Service Forward

How to Keep Employees Engaged and Prevent Burnout

It's hard to know how to prevent employee burnout in a way that's best for your organization, but employee happiness is worth trying to the tune of a 12% increase in productivity. That's a major boost to your company's revenues, and it all starts with the team leading your employees.

New Software Feature: Auto Adjust Start and End Date & Time

In the fast-paced world we live in, every second counts. For managers and business owners in many industries, this culture is even more prevalent in a business that depends on adapting to circumstances that arise each day.

Importance of Time Management for Business Owners

Business owners can, and should, cultivate a workplace that values time management. Here are some tips for business owners to improve time management in the workplace.

New Feature: Day View Time Interval and Coverage Count

If you currently utilize our software at Orbital Shift, you know that we continuously strive to provide new, efficient solutions for your common workplace challenges. Our goal, after all, is to make life easier for business owners and provide a great software for employees to use, as well.

Workforce Management Lessons You Can Learn from Watching "Armageddon"

Who doesn't love a good movie? One of our favorite guilty pleasures is "Armageddon", a 1998 story about a group of misfits who need to drill into a giant asteroid and nuke it to prevent the end of the world.

SaaS Pricing Considerations

How much are you missing out on business by not following SaaS pricing best practices? What could your revenues be if you were hitting your target market instead of struggling with a strategy of lowest-bidder SaaS pricing?

Time Differential: Online Shift Management Feature

At Orbital Shift, we developed our software to not only provide a solution for existing challenges in the workplace, but to also accommodate the always-changing needs of companies across many industries. The feedback, and ideas, of businesses that utilize our service is the driving force behind our innovation, and we are steadily rolling out new, progressive software features.

Ways to Increase Employee Morale and Performance

Behind every prosperous business is a team of motivated employees that value the success of the company. Employee happiness is an incredibly important measure of a company's success, in fact, 36% of employees said that they would willingly give up $5,000 a year in salary if it meant they would be happier at work.


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