Labor Cost Controls

All the tools and data you need to ensure you’re always on budget

Labor cost controls & labor budgeting tool

Increase Shift Profitability

Our labor cost management software helps ensure you’re never over or understaffed for a shift.

Eliminate Unplanned Overtime

Automatic alerts notify managers when employees are at risk of going into overtime.

Plan Ahead

Our software provides concrete data that helps with future shift planning and labor budgeting.

mobile labor cost management software


The budgeting center provides managers with everything they need to manage their labor costs.

Our labor cost management software automatically compiles data from the online scheduler and mobile time clock for accurate budgets and projections - every time.

Smart shift schedules & labor budgeting

Accurate forecasting can go a long way toward effectively managing your labor costs. Our web-based staff management solution allows you to optimize labor expenses and hours allocated by employee, position, or department in real time.

Better Together - scheduling & cost controls

Our Smart Scheduler provides detailed visibility into expected labor hours by company, project, location, position, and department for every time and shift. This information can be transformed into a powerful budgeting and decision making tool when combined with payroll cost, revenue, and gross margin data. Integrated scheduling and labor cost management means better financial results!

Real-time alerts can save your real money

Planning, budgeting, and scheduling shifts in a fast-paced environment can be perilous when last-second changes are made with incomplete information. Our staff management software gives you the alerts and flags that help prevent changes that will result in conflicts, double-booking, and unnecessary overtime costs.

Overtime & overstaffing alerts

Most unnecessary overtime and overstaffing situations can be avoided – we give you instant visibility and alerts to notify you and suggest corrective action when a schedule change will result in unnecessary overtime or overstaffing costs.

Smarter budgets via seasonality & historical data

Learning from the past and informing how to improve future operating results becomes automatic with our labor management software. Simply put, better information leads to smarter schedules which generate more profitable outcomes.

Details matter

Sometimes the differences between a profitable shift and a money loser aren’t obvious. We provide the drill-down details for things like budgeted cost as a percent of budgeted revenue, actual overtime rates applied to actual overtime hours, and employee shadow hours across all shifts, positions, and locations.

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A complete set of tools and data insights for creating, budgeting, and managing your employee expenses.

Managers can plan employee work schedules to achieve the right mix of employees, positions, locations, and shifts to balance capacity and profitability considerations. Last second schedule changes can be made with full visibility into getting the most qualified employees to cover shift replacements at the lowest cost.

Employee hours & time off requests

Labor hours & expenses at a glance

Let’s face it, sometimes getting a schedule update out in response to changing conditions can be frantic – you will need to see the precise information on conflicts, over/under hours, and overtime costs in an instant. Our “at a glance” feature does just that – gives you the right information, right when you need it.

Data and communication in context

While full visibility into scheduling and budget information often paints a complete picture, sometimes getting the right people into the right shifts requires a collaborative effort. Our Labor Manager module enables you to communicate shift specific information and/or text message or email collaboration with employees affected so that you get the schedule right.

Full visibility into shadow shifts

Some employees have the experience and training to wear many hats. Often, they are scheduled to work shifts in other departments or locations. Our Labor Cost Manager Dashboard displays all shadow position information so that your schedule and budget choices are informed by complete information.

Actionable insights via Online Dashboard

We have designed our labor management dashboard to help you make smarter decisions quickly. By modeling various alternative staff scheduling scenarios you can determine the right combination of people, skills, and costs to ensure profitability and resource effectiveness.

The power of choice

While the pace may be fast and decisions must be made quickly, our Dashboard gives you the power of choice. All open shift positions will provide you with all the available, qualified employees along with the data regarding hours scheduled, overtime cost, and shadow schedule information. This contextual information enables you to make the best choice to fill the open shift.

Complex organizations simplified via a powerful Dashboard

Many companies have large and/or complex organizations with numerous legal entities, locations, departments and divisions. We have you covered! Our Labor Manager Dashboard module makes it easy to see all the relevant information in data views that help inform the best decision. You can configure the system and data views to deliver the right standard and ad hoc information you need.

Better informed performance management

Preparing and delivering performance reviews for shift workers can be time consuming and stressful if you need to research and document information relevant to a meaningful conversation with each employee. Our Labor Manager Dashboard provides information on hours and number of shifts scheduled, missed shifts, overtime worked, and early/late clock-in. As a result, review discussions are more productive and preparing for them is less time consuming.