Labor Cost Controls

Online labor cost management software

Increase Profitability

Our labor cost management software helps ensure you’re never over or understaffed for a shift.

Eliminate Overtime

Automatic alerts notify managers when employees are at risk of going into overtime.

Plan Ahead

Our software provides concrete data that helps with future shift planning and labor budgeting.
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Labor cost controls for managers


The budgeting center provides managers with everything they need to manage their labor costs.

Our labor cost management software automatically compiles data from the online scheduler and mobile time clock for accurate budgets and projections - every time.

Say goodbye to mistakes caused by human error and miscalculations.

Shift Forecasting

Accurate forecasting is essential for effectively managing labor budgets. Our cost control software gives managers real-time data on labor expenses per employee position or department, which helps managers create cost-effective schedules going forward.

Integrated Data

The integration of time and attendance data with labor cost budgeting provides execs with powerful decision-making tools to help increase profit.

Budget Alerts

Unplanned overtime and overstaffed shifts are avoidable with the help of automatic budget alerts. Our software notifies managers when an employee is at risk of going into overtime, so the schedule can be tweaked before labor budgets are thrown off.

Customizable Details

Our cost control software is customizable so you can enter your labor budget manually or as a percentage. We also provide a variety of budget and labor reports to help identify problem areas or room for improvement.


A complete set of tools and data insights for more cost-effective labor budgets.

Managers can confidently create employee schedules with the right balance of staff per shift without going over budget. Last-minute schedule changes can be made without throwing off labor costs.
Labor budgeting and time off requests

Data at a Glance

Last-minute schedule changes don’t have to be stressful. Our time and attendance software shows all of the planned and projected hours per employee, position and department so scheduling changes can be made while keeping labor costs under control.

Customizable Reports

We put all of your business’s time, attendance and budgeting data into context with a variety of downloadable reports. Easily view absence, total hours, missed clock ins, overtime and more for better budget forecasts.

Overtime Controls & Alerts

Getting the right employees in the right shifts at the right time for accurate labor budgets is easy with our cost control features. Managers can see which employees are available and qualified for an open shift, and which would go into overtime if they took the extra shift.

Actionable Insights

Our tools allow managers to model various scheduling scenarios to help determine the right combination of employees, skills and cost to ensure shift profitability.

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