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Thousands of clients of all sizes across a diverse range of industries have discovered the many benefits of implementing our software to manage their entire scheduling process. With the help of Orbital Shift, employees will spend more time delighting customers and less time resolving scheduling and miscommunication issues.

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Pat Weaver

Food Service Dir | Community Food Co-op

"Each manager saves an hour or more a week. Some things I can now do in seconds would have taken a half hour to do before we switched to Orbital Shift."



Mike Stone

Assistant GM | The Bay Bar & Grille

“Using Orbital Shift has cut my time down to 1/3 of what it previously took me to create and maintain schedules, saving me several hours each week.”

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Chris Hurlbut

Service Manager | Rosauers

“Orbital Shift saves me several hours per week and not just in schedule creation. Employee requests and calling in to ask for their schedules really adds up when we are busy with customers! Less time dealing with scheduling and more time with customers is always good for business.”



Cathy Tafelmeyer

GM | Kagy Korner Store

“Being in management for over 32 years, Orbital Shift's application flat-out makes my job easier - saving me time from scheduling so that I have more time to manage employees. I have never experienced a program that is so easy to start, change or come back to for schedule management.”

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Stew Weis

Owner | Ace Hardware

Orbital Shift has all the features that we need in our six-location, 175 employee Company. Yet, it is so easy to learn and use that all of our locations’ Store Managers were trained and up and running on Orbital Shift in remarkably short order. It seems that after 35 years, the ultimate Time & Attendance package has arrived!



Tia Fluri

Events Manager | U of Montana Athletics

“Orbital Shift has been an essential solution for us over the past 5 years. Using the online scheduling app, we have to streamlined our business practices and improved day-to-day operations for both managers and employees. Orbital Shift's customer success team helped adapt their scheduling software to meet our unique needs.”



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Liberate your employees and managers from the old fashioned mechanical time clock machines. Our time clock app is designed to be easy to setup, operate, and support so that you can spend more time running your business and less time monitoring where and when your employees are working.

Ryan Olson

Owner | Cold Stone Creamery

“Working with Orbital Shift was easy. They provide terrific service and always listened to our needs. With Orbital's scheduling application the communication between our employees and managers regarding schedules has improved significantly and our managers have a 360-degree view of the entire employee schedule.”



Denise Sherman

GM | Case Mgmt Caregiving

“Orbital Shift has enabled us to limit the number of double booked shifts dramatically and makes communicating with our employees less time consuming. Our schedules are now accessible from anywhere. This makes it really simple to select the best option to cover an open shift. Not to mention it's extremely user friendly!”



Tami Wehren

GM | Town & Country Foods

“Creating and managing a schedule is so much easier and our employees are much happier because everything is done online and they communicate schedule changes whenever and wherever. Now, I look forward to scheduling instead of dreading it!”



Jay Thane

GM | Copper Whiskey Bar & Grill

“Orbital Shift makes my life 10 times easier! Now, communicating with staff via text and email, getting shifts covered, working around school schedules and vacations ... there are no miscommunications anymore. It's all online.”

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Budget managers will maximize profitability using the integrated staff scheduling and labor cost budgeting software to balance shift scheduling needs with the most qualified available staff by position. Last minute shift changes are easy to make with full confidence that unnecessary overtime costs will be avoided.

Machele Shifley

Hotel Manager | Chico Hot Springs

“We believe in the product and customer service offered by Orbital Shift. We have been using Orbital Shift for several years now, and it has helped us manage our employee scheduling and payroll dollars."



Mitch Bradley

Owner | Heeb's Grocery

“Orbital Shift Scheduling System provides a complete and professional way to manage employee schedules, at an extremely reasonable cost.”



Noah Castle

Owner | Silver Slipper

“Our overall experience working with Orbital Shift was very easy. We are a locally-owned Montana business and we are always trying to find ways to save money and increase business efficiencies - with Orbital Shift we achieved both.”

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Katie Larsen

Manager | Valley Memorial Homes

“We have been very impressed with the rapid and personal response we have received with any questions we might have. The Orbital Shift team is responsive and easy to work with. As a result, our transition was seamless.”





Employees and managers can send and receive instant messages via text, email, alerts, and notifications from their desktop computer or phone. Messages may be sent between individuals or as group messages to specific positions, departments or the entire company.

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Nicholos Wethington

Coordinator | SpectrUM Discovery Area

“We are highly satisfied users of the Orbital Shift online platform. It has greatly impacted the efficiency of our organization for a low cost. It is not an exaggeration to say that adopting their product has transformed the way we do payroll and scheduling.”

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Albert McDonald

GM | Montana Ale Works

“The Orbital Shift team did a great job helping us get started. They listened to our business needs, customized features for compatibility with our operations, and gave extra attention to training our non-technical staff.”



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