Team Messaging Software

Your entire workforce - in the loop and ready to go

Employees can check team messages via mobile devices

Ready to Work

Keep employees up-to-date on critical shift information, so they know exactly what’s expected of them as soon as they clock in.

Improved Engagement

Increasing employee engagement is simple when everyone is on the same page and in the know.

Fewer Missed Shifts

Reliable employee messaging helps keep staff accountable for their shifts. No more no-shows or unexplained tardiness.

Employee messaging on mobile apps & devices


A complete employee communication platform for easier, more efficient staff management.

Effective workplace communication isn’t a ‘nice to have’ in business - it’s a necessity. With our staff communication software, you’ll never have to play phone tag with your staff again. Instead, you can send out the right messages to the right people - instantly.


Sometimes you need to get in touch with your staff right away. With our employee communication system, managers can contact their workforce instantly.


Staff can choose if they want to receive work messages via text or email. Your communication, your way.


Messages can be scheduled in advance for recurring events or workflows, giving managers one less thing to worry about.


Instant alerts and notifications help managers prevent unnecessary overtime or address urgent staff requests. Time and work management made easy.


Managers can send out messages to entire locations, departments, positions or individual employees, so the right message goes to the right audience every time.


Employees can view daily shift notes as soon as they clock in, so everyone is ready to go as soon as their shift begins.

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All of the work info your employees need - right at their fingertips.

Keeping track of all the changes at work can be challenging. That’s why we’ve created employee communication software that ensures your staff have access to their work info without having to call into the workplace.

Team messaging via mobile apps & devices


Sensitive information is secure within our software. Messages are targeted, ensuring they only go to the intended department, position, location or individual employee.


With targeted messaging, employees in the deli department will never receive messages intended for cashiers.


Employees can access their work schedules and messages right from their phones, so no one has to be tied to a desk or the office to stay in the know.


Managers receive automatic notifications when employees submit requests, so employees can trust their scheduling needs are being heard.