ACA Eligibility Tracking Software for Employers

We’ve been working with clients and accountants to learn about the challenges, complexity, and increasing costs organizations face today when complying with the ACA employer mandate. A summary of topics and the technical solutions from those conversations follows.

Scheduling Meal and Rest Breaks at Work

New manager feature to create unpaid and paid breaks at work for employees. Managers can visually review staffing levels and shift coverage, while restricted break settings help compliance with Federal break laws.

How an easy Punch Clock app helps improve labor productivity

Easy and accurate employee time tracking for businesses of all size.

The NEW employee time tracker app: Breaks, job switching & new UI

Make your employees happy while also improving your bottom line.

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Your employee time clock, reimagined

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Employee scheduling is easier than ever with Orbital Shift

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Save Time, Cut Expenses with Orbital Shift

Managing a business of any size is difficult, but Orbital Shift is dedicated to making it easier. 

Development Team Unveils User Interface Enhancements

This week, we released an update that optimizes the look of our software interface.

Alert Messaging Feature

The impact of employee tardiness on a business is detrimental to many aspects of the company: from decreasing employee morale, to negatively impacting productivity in the office. As business owners and managers, you are often presented with a challenge to manage expectations regarding employee tardiness and reprimand employees who are regularly tardy.

When it comes to employees being late, however, we know that there is perhaps an even greater challenge for businesses today - particularly large businesses with multiple departments. How do managers know when employees are late, especially if the manager is not in the office or oversees multiple departments? Furthermore, how do managers easily identify which employees are continuously late?

New Software Feature: Auto Adjust Start and End Date & Time

In the fast-paced world we live in, every second counts. For managers and business owners in many industries, this culture is even more prevalent in a business that depends on adapting to circumstances that arise each day.

New Feature: Day View Time Interval and Coverage Count

If you currently utilize our software at Orbital Shift, you know that we continuously strive to provide new, efficient solutions for your common workplace challenges. Our goal, after all, is to make life easier for business owners and provide a great software for employees to use, as well.

Time Differential: Online Shift Management Feature


Introducing Orbital Shift’s New Operational Status Page


Workplace Communication - Daily Notes

Effective communication in the workplace is the foundation for productive environments, is central to a customer driven business, and is a remedy for low employee morale. So what happens when the communication gear is missing in a business’s wheelhouse? In short, nothing good.

A recent workforce management study found that the one thing most negatively impacting employee morale, and effectiveness, was lack of workforce communication. Over 300 managers, of 20 employees or more, were interviewed, and one third said a lack of communication is at the core of most morale and low productivity difficulties. Micromanaging and failure to recognize employee achievements were second and third.

New Feature: Employee Schedule Confirmation

The college students could be difficult to pin down.

With more than 50 student employees to schedule for some events, Tia Fluri, special events manager for The University of Montana Intercollegiate Athletics , already used Orbital Shift scheduling software. Students enter class schedules and other unavailable times into the system, enabling Fluri to easily match available students with open assignments at football games, track meets and other events. For Fluri, the challenge was hearing back from students confirming their schedules. This was especially important because work schedules could be sporadic, with some students scheduled for only a few hours here and there.


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