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Hey Orbital Shift users, we have a solution for easier mobile login


We’ve got big things happening here at Orbital Shift.

From new communication features to more personalized employee scheduling, the Orbital Shift team is working hard to make our workforce management platform even more powerful and user friendly than ever before.

And this fall, we’re releasing the feature our users have all been waiting for - the Orbital Shift mobile app! Until then, we have another solution for easier mobile login.

Follow the steps below to add an Orbital Shift login button to your iPhone or Android home screen. Now logging in on mobile is as easy as a single tap.

iPhone Users:

Open Safari and go to

Click on the highlighted icon at the bottom of the screen.


Click 'Add to Home Screen.'


Click 'Add' in the top right corner.


Go to your homescreen and simply tap to log in!


Android Users:

Open any web browser and go to

Click on the three circles at the top right corner.


Click 'Add to Home screen.'


Click 'Add.'


Go to your home screen and simply tap to log in!


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