Time tracking software: Increasing employee productivity & empowerment

Employee scheduling and time tracking can be burdensome processes. However, the failure to manage either one effectively can result in a substantial waste of money for any company.

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And the larger the size of your organization and the more employees you have to manage, the bigger the headache that scheduling time tracking become.

The good news is that reliable, easy-to-use employee scheduling and time clock management software solutions are available that can make this cumbersome task so much easier. With the right scheduling and time clock management software at your disposal, you’ll be able to know exactly what your employees are doing and how they’re logging their time. You’ll also be able to simplify all aspects of the time recording process, enabling your staff to maximize every minute of the workday.

Employee Scheduling Software Can Empower Employees

One important benefit of implementing employee scheduling software is that it empowers employees by providing them with mobile scheduling solutions. According to the Pew Research Center’s Mobile Technology Fact Sheet, approximately 58 percent of Americans now own smartphones, and 63 percent use their phones to access the Internet. Many Web-based employee time tracking software products offer downloadable apps that allow employees to receive updated scheduling information at any time, no matter where they are.

Here’s one example of how this feature can empower your workforce. Suppose an employee calls in sick at the last minute. By sending out an instant alert via mobile app to your employees’ smartphones, any worker who was scheduled off can immediately claim the open shift if he or she wants to pick up a few extra hours. Likewise, employees can also be notified right away if a sudden order cancellation or other issue means that they don’t have to come in to work, preventing them from making an unnecessary trip.

Web-based Time Clock Software Can Boost Employee Productivity

Time clock management software can also make employees more productive by reducing the time they must spend on time management processes. Many organizations use the software to establish convenient, centralized time clock stations in the form of a tablet, desktop or laptop computer. Think of the time savings this can provide to a large warehouse operation, for instance. Instead of having to venture across a sprawling facility every time they need to clock in or out for breaks, workers can perform the task right in their work areas. Most organizations also typically discover that time clock management software typically improves employee accountability. Knowing that their time is tracked more efficiently has the effect of making them more conscious of how they are spending their time on the job.

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