Employee Time Clock Software Features

    Liberate your employees and managers from the old fashioned mechanical time clock machines. Our time clock app is designed to be easy to setup, operate, and support so that you can spend more time running your business and less time monitoring where and when your employees are working.


    ClockTake advantage of the flexibility and accuracy of online time clock software. See an immediate reduction in employee tardiness and cost savings from lower overtime expenses. Employees can clock-in/out with one click on almost any device - if they don't show up on time an alert is automatically sent. The time clock can also prevent early clock-in and late clock out by shift workers so that actual hours worked stay in sync with budgeted hours on the schedule. 



    Simply use a phone, tablet, or laptop. Start automatically monitoring employees and accurately tracking time!





    Our time and attendance solution has all the verifications, checks and balances to ensure payroll gets accurate time sheets.




    In Control

    Say goodbye to tardiness and missed clock-outs. Employees receive instant alerts to help keep them on track.



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    Time Clock - Manager

    Our Time Clock Software is simple and intuitive to use with all the time and attendance software features needed for efficient time tracking and payroll integration.

    Managers can see who is working, where they are working, and on what projects. If actual employee activity is not in sync with the schedule, automatic alerts are sent and corrective action can be taken immediately. No more waiting for time sheets or payroll reports to find out about unplanned overtime expenses!

     cloud based workforce management software

    Who's working now?

    Instantly know who is clocked-in, where they are working, and what they are scheduled to be working on. Keep track of budgeted versus actual hours to help prevent overruns and variances.

    Smart time clock settings

    Manage profitability and budgets by proactively setting how early an employee can clock-in before a shift starts and/or how late they can stay clocked-in after the shift is scheduled to end.

    No more shadow or buddy clocking

    The days of buddy (or shadow) clocking are long gone – every Time Clock enabled device stores an IP address which makes it difficult for employees to clock-in/out for their buddy.

    Alerts, notifications & compliance

    Receive late clock-in alerts when employees have not clocked in for a shift that has already begun, see which employees are on the clock in real-time, and determine whether employees have forgotten to clock-out at the end of their scheduled shift. Our mobile time clock app offers the advantage of real-time monitoring of labor hours and expenses, even when you’re away from the facility.

    Simplified payroll via smart timesheets

    Keeping track of employee hours is a burdensome, time-consuming process for any business. Our software can also serve as a reliable online time clock for employees. By using our online timesheet software, you’ll be able to detect and eliminate issues before they can make it to your payroll system/department.

    Shift notes

    Shift notes are a reliable way for managers to communicate with staff. The time clock software displays messages that are relevant for employees checking in to a given shift, position, or location.

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    manager receiving alert on mobile device

    Time Clock - Employee

    No more cluncky time clock hardware

    Old fashioned mechanical time clocks are outdated and error prone. Employees hate waiting around until it is their turn to clock in or out. Crafty employees see them as an opportunity to “beat the system”. Our online time clock is designed to be flexible and effective. The software can be used on almost any device – computer, laptop, tablet, and/or mobile phone. Once installed, the software automates and monitors employee compliance with shift hours scheduled. When actual employee behavior differs from the schedule the online time clock software immediately sends useful notifications or alerts.

    Anywhere, anytime access

    No more waiting around to clock-in/out – just one click or screen touch does the trick. Employees can clock-in/out at any time or anywhere using a mobile phone, computer or tablet.

    Context aware time clock messaging

    Sometimes you just need the right information at the right time to get the job done despite changing work situations or last second shift swaps. Our Time Clock enables employees and managers to send targeted messages, notes and notifications to individuals, positions, groups, projects, etc. so that everyone who needs to know is informed and on the same page.

    Shift notes

    Employees love shift notes - they can see the most up-to-date information they need to know to be successful during a given shift. Simple, to the point updates at a glance.

    Alerts when you need them

    Our Smart Shift employee scheduling and Time Clock software modules are integrated – the time clock app knows who is to work, when they are scheduled and where the work is to be done. If an employee forgets to clock-in/out or does so at the wrong location, the time clock software automatically sends a reminder notification or alert.

    Quick clock

    The quick clock feature of our employee time clock software takes the time and complexity out of the process. Employees can enter a code that automatically clocks them in or out – the system takes care of all the details.

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    Time Clock - Advanced Features

    Better Together - Powerful scheduling, budgeting, communications and timesheet integrations

    No more expensive, clunky time clock hardware taking up space! Move to an online time clock software app that is simple to use and easy to setup. Our time clock software has all the features you need to say goodbye to your time and attendance tracking headaches.

    manager generating report

    Flexible payroll codes

    Aligning time clock software with the complexities of many payroll systems is no simple task. Employers often must respond to the rigorous requirements of flexible compensation methods that make use of special payroll codes, rate types, date-driven holiday pay rates, workman’s compensation codes, and premium pays. No problem, our software is designed to handle these complexities.

    Time & attendance monitoring

    Stay up-to-date on employee compliance with schedule, time off, and missed shifts. Spot trends and enable corrective action before more difficult issues have a chance to take root.

    Robust reporting

    Most companies have designed standard, custom and ad hoc reports that are used as an integral part of their management processes. We make it simple to automatically produce these reports or to import/export timesheet and payroll data to other tools your team commonly uses.

    Payroll integrations

    We have done the work to integrate/export/import with payroll providers (like Quicken) and other applications your team may already use to help make common, budgeting, payroll, and personnel processes faster and more accurate.

    At a glance data insights

    Leverage the rich reporting and data insights capabilities enabled by our integrated scheduling and time clock services. The Time Clock Dashboard automatically tracks who is working, how long they have been clocked-in and the number of hours remaining for their shift.

    Regulatory and FLSA compliance

    Our software has been designed to meet the rigorous needs for most regulatory compliance reporting needs your company may face – we offer a robust data model and flexible report writing capabilities.

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