Punch Clock App

Employees can clock in and out in seconds with the Punch Clock app

The fastest and easiest way for employees to get on and off the clock.

The Orbital Shift Punch Clock app lets employees clock in and out of their shifts with a few taps to a dedicated device (phone or tablet) located anywhere with an Internet connection.

Businesses can have as many stations as they need, so employees won’t have to wait around to clock in and out, and can hit the ground running as soon as their shifts start.

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Accurate employee time tracking with the Punch Clock app

The Key Features

    • Clock in and out in seconds
    • Switch positions or job codes
    • Take paid or unpaid breaks
    • View shift notes from managers

The Modern Punch Clock Station

Employees can clock in and out from dedicated punch clock stations

The accuracy of the online time tracking system also ensures employees will receive the right amount of money in their paychecks every month.

Don’t waste another second of company time fixing time cards and paychecks or giving the same briefing to dozens of employees everyday.

Let the Punch Clock App do the tedious work for you, so you can focus on what really matters: running your business.

"Orbital Shift forces them to take responsibility for trading shifts."
- Kristin Wilson, Co-Owner

"Compared to other software programs, it probably saves me an hour to 90 minutes because I can do more with Orbital Shift than I can with any of the other systems.”
- Bill Conner, Manager

"If you have 180 people clocking in early, that costs a lot of money, so I like to be able to manage that. It saves so much time for managers and our payroll personnel."
- Machele Shifley, Manager

Orbital Shift Supports You Every Step of the Way

Our world-class customer support is yet another reason we offer the best time clock software on the market. Our software is easy to learn with the help of online videos, tutorials, manager training sessions, an online help center and on-call support.

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