Use Our Web-based Time Clock Software to Establish Employee Punch Clock Stations

Orbital Shift employee time tracking software enables you to set up a mobile time clock in a centralized location of your choosing. You can create these stations from any Web-enabled device and lock them down by individual devices or network addresses. An unused laptop, desktop computer or wall-mounted tablet can make an ideal employee time clock station.

Your employees will have convenient access to your clock stations and can use them to read notes from management, make schedule change requests or volunteer to take an open shift. You have the ability to choose where and when employees can clock in, ensuring they cannot get on the clock whenever they wish.

An online time clock software station with a mounted tablet.
Easily view budgeting information while creating your work schedule.

Key Online Employee Time Clock Software Features

What makes ours the best employee time clock software on the market is the wide variety of user-friendly features. With Orbital Shift, you can:

  • Export data regarding employee work hours to payroll services and common file formats
  • Create customizable payroll codes by position and rate type
  • Create customizable date triggers for holidays and premium pays
  • Enter work comp codes
  • Create budgets by estimated labor percentage and sales or manual budget entry
  • Display reports in HH:MM format or Hourly Decimal format
  • Enter pay period by week, bi-weekly, semi-monthly or monthly date ranges
  • Create a setting to allow employees to enter a value in dollars or units when clocking out for a shift
  • Have multiple wages for employees by positions

Others Reasons Why Ours Is the Best Online Time Clock Software

In addition to offering a host of valuable features that will save you time and reduce your labor costs, an Orbital Shift online time clock system is simple to use and intuitive. Quick and easy to learn, it requires little technical expertise. We also provide world-class customer support. Our scalable subscription-based pricing makes our time clock software affordable for companies of all sizes — you only pay for what you need!

Orbital Shift employee time clock software comes with a 14-day free trial, allowing you to take it for a test drive with no risk. Contact us to take advantage of our trial offer today!

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Client Testimonials: What our users are saying

Industries who use our online time clock and employee scheduling software.
Companies that use our employee scheduling or time clock software
Online work schedules, time clock, and enhanced communication are great benefits these clients get.
Users of our Workforce Management Solution
"Within the first week of use, Orbital Shift's scheduling application allowed me to cut 28 over-staffed hours a week, resulting in thousands of dollars saved every year for my business."
Mark Schmidt, Owner-GM  |  Mullan Station

" Our overall experience working with Orbital Shift was very easy. We are a locally-owned Montana business and we are always trying to find ways to save money and increase business efficiencies - with Orbital Shift we achieved both. "
Noah Castle, Owner  |  Silver Slipper

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