Cloud-Based Time Management Systems

Cloud-based systems are common in almost every aspect of business, from email accounts to streaming feeds from security systems, so it's only natural that employee tracking software would head to the cloud. You probably want to know why that makes sense for you.

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Simple and Intuitive

Cloud-based time tracking systems, like the one offered by Orbital Shift, are designed to be simple so you can reduce inaccuracies during scheduling. With an online portal, you can quickly see data about your staff, shifts and more. You can also have any manager at another location review information to verify things look good - which is especially helpful when training new managers.

We've taken everything difficult about traditional scheduling and simplified it or automated it with a robust cloud-based time and attendance system.

Safe and Secure

What happens if the power goes out in your store? Are you 100 percent sure your computers are secure enough that the information you're currently working on is backed up properly? Can you get the information you need before the power comes back on?

With cloud-based management systems, you cannot only have an immediate backup of your data, but you can also access that information from other locations or a mobile device. This ensures you're running your business as efficiently as possible before the lights come back on.

Updates as Needed

Laws change, and sometimes that impacts your employees' time and attendance. When new laws are introduced or requirements arise, cloud-based systems allow you to make immediate changes and usually provide quick updates. This can be something as simple as allowing you to schedule part-time employees properly to note their overtime, or can be more complex when dealing with hours-of-service rules that the Department of Transportation provides.

Alerts and Messaging

Cloud-based time tracking systems inherently connect to the internet, and that means they connect to your smartphone in a variety of ways. By pairing these, you can set up alerts and warnings for yourself or other managers. We see many customers use alerts to prevent employees from entering overtime or to alert managers when an employee hasn't clocked in for a shift that just started.

Test Before You Buy

One of the biggest benefits of cloud-based management systems like the one from Orbital Shift is that you can try the software before you pay for anything. You're not buying off the shelf and then discovering that the box you picked up doesn't have the support or features you need.

We offer a 14-day free trial to give you a full chance to use us risk-free, with no hidden fees or charges. One of the best benefits of the cloud is that you're in control, and we think that should always start free.

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