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Scheduling software can make it easy to know you have the right amount of people for each shift or are deploying the right assets for a job. There are a lot of business benefits beyond that, too. Here is a quick look at four ways scheduling software from Orbital Shift can inject business growth and employee satisfaction into your daily operations.

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1. Invest in Your Team

In many instances, your employees are what makes your store or service really work. By creating schedules that keep your employees' workloads reasonable and account for events like training, you can have the staff you need with the attitude you want. Treating scheduling as an investment also helps you create procedures that will identify and reward valuable team members.

2. Provide Flexibility

The best business growth strategies are those that allow you to operate smoothly based on inventory, services and employees. Flexibility in scheduling is one of the best strategies, especially when you pair the concept with a timesheet software solution for business growth.

Your employees are people, and that means illness, family events, personal pursuits and other emergencies are going to pop up. A flexible schedule can be seen as a major benefit for employees who may have some commitments that arise, such as family caregiving.

Orbital Shift's employee scheduling software can help you plan for unforeseen events, as well as log requests and send messages, so your employees can have the time they need and you don't miss out or find yourself running short on a shift.

3. Color Code That Schedule

This is one of our favorite tips for growing your business because it's easy with any schedule - though it's a lot easier when you use Orbital Shift's software solutions for business growth.

A color-coded schedule is used by everyone from major restaurant chains and field service companies to coaches in the NFL, NBA and other professional sports. Why? Because colors make it easier for management to make decisions and for employees to know what to expect with their schedule.

The faster the decisions your team can make, the better they can be at running your daily operations. Shifts are color-coded to highlight their type and status, indicate peak service demands or show the progress of a project. Color-coding a schedule can also let each employee know the work that needs to be done when they arrive.

4. Keep Recurring Events at the Same Time

Labor costs rise when time is wasted, so top business-growth strategies target this wasted time. One of the first places you can start is by moving repeated or recurring actions to the same time. This allows employees and management to make sure the task is complete and can help create a culture of accomplishing a specific task when needed.

We see this in quick-service restaurants that need to clean and remove grease at a certain time, and also in doctor's offices that consistently schedule accountants to come in at the same time each month. In these cases, both are ready and prepared for the events before they occur thanks to the scheduling that keeps things consistent.

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