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A testimonial that shows why Orbital Shift is the best scheduling and time clock software for grocery.

Grocery Store Staff Scheduling Software

It used to take Tami Ehnis four to five hours to create employee schedules. She’d sit down with pen and paper, and juggle dozens of shifts across the calendar.

Now the Town & Country Foods employee schedules can be made in minutes. And for a popular grocery store during busy summer months, that extra time is key.

“Our schedule typically changes a lot, especially this time of year with vacations and everything,” Tami said. “But it’s so easily done when you use copy and paste.”

Since switching to Orbital Shift workforce management software in 2012, Tami’s gained peace of mind knowing the front end of the grocery store is always covered.

“It frees me up to be able to do the things that I need to do,” she said.

With Orbital Shift’s employee communication software features, Tami can get shift covers in as soon as she needs them. All she has to do is send out a message from her phone or desktop and all available and qualified employees will be notified of the open shift.

All of the information in Orbital Shift’s cloud-based management software is time-stamped and recorded, so there’s no confusion or conflict over requests, which is especially helpful for Tami when it comes to vacation time.

“We have a first-come, first-served policy,” Tami said. “If three of them request the same time off, there’s no question about playing favorites because they can see who requested the time off before them.”

Tami loves that employees can make those requests right from their phones or computers, rather than handing in loose pieces of paper with dates on them.

Since learning the program, Tami’s found the system to be easy to teach her employees, and the site to be easy to use.

“There have been a couple times when I’ve had to call in to tech support when I’ve either forgotten or missed something, and it’s been great,” she said. “They’re very helpful. I don’t remember there being any problems.”

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