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How to tap into your company's star power

In business, not all employees are created equal.

Employment Law Changes in 2017

One of the most important functions of any human resources department is keeping up with employment law and adjusting office protocols to work within it. Each of the company's employees is a human being who is entitled to all the protections the law provides. Any mistakes in the adding of hours or handling of medical insurance information, for instance, could severely injure an employee.

How to Keep Employees Engaged and Prevent Burnout

It's hard to know how to prevent employee burnout in a way that's best for your organization, but employee happiness is worth trying to the tune of a 12% increase in productivity. That's a major boost to your company's revenues, and it all starts with the team leading your employees.

Importance of Time Management for Business Owners

Business owners can, and should, cultivate a workplace that values time management. Here are some tips for business owners to improve time management in the workplace.

Workforce Management Lessons You Can Learn from Watching "Armageddon"

Who doesn't love a good movie? One of our favorite guilty pleasures is "Armageddon", a 1998 story about a group of misfits who need to drill into a giant asteroid and nuke it to prevent the end of the world.

SaaS Pricing Considerations

How much are you missing out on business by not following SaaS pricing best practices? What could your revenues be if you were hitting your target market instead of struggling with a strategy of lowest-bidder SaaS pricing?

Ways to Increase Employee Morale and Performance

Behind every prosperous business is a team of motivated employees that value the success of the company. Employee happiness is an incredibly important measure of a company's success, in fact, 36% of employees said that they would willingly give up $5,000 a year in salary if it meant they would be happier at work.

Labor Law & the Affordable Care Act: What Business Owners Need to Know

Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), commonly known as Obamacare or the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is health care reform legislation. It consists of the Patient Protection Act, the Affordable Health Care for America Act, the Student Aid and Fiscal Responsibility Act and parts of the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act, as well as amendments made to existing laws and regulations.

Ways Employees Can Get Better Tips

In the service industry, there are many different tactics and techniques that can be utilized to increase employees' tips. This topic stirs memories of a Seinfeld episode, where Jerry is more aware of a tipping tactic than his fellow booth patron George, who easily falls victim to a well-timed compliment.

How to Solve the High Turnover Problem

Consistently high rates of turnover can cost your company a lot of money and time. The most well-known problem caused by high job turnover rates is that you're always looking to hire and train new employees. However, there are a lot of other issues that are caused by high employee turnover, and these impact your current staff that's been willing to stand by your company.

Cloud-Based Time Management Systems

Cloud-based systems are common in almost every aspect of business, from email accounts to streaming feeds from security systems, so it's only natural that employee tracking software would head to the cloud. You probably want to know why that makes sense for you.

10 Lessons for Business Owners From the Greatest Leaders

Sometimes it's best to learn from the greats. We've looked for top keys to success from all over the world, and decided to put together a few of our favorite inspiring business tips. You'll learn a lot about business and yourself in the list below.

Using Software as a Service for Employee Scheduling & Time Keeping

Today, tech tools are essential for competing in the 21st century! But sometimes the cost of new hardware systems put those tools beyond the reach of a small business - making investing in technology challenging.

Grow Your Business With Orbital Shift Software

Scheduling software can make it easy to know you have the right amount of people for each shift or are deploying the right assets for a job. There are a lot of business benefits beyond that, too. Here is a quick look at four ways scheduling software from Orbital Shift can inject business growth and employee satisfaction into your daily operations.

Why You Should Update Your Outdated Time Tracking Software

We'll be the first to admit it: Employee time tracking software isn't the first thing most businesses think of when they’re trying to cut costs or improve revenue. Changing suppliers, adjusting your supply chain and new product releases are all more common places to start.

New Overtime Law Signed

The Obama administration’s overtime law, updating the federal wage and overtime standards, has been signed and will go into effect December 1, 2016. Is your organization ready?

Time Clock Rounding: How It Affects Your Business

Companies that pay some or all of their employees by the hour have the option to keep track of time worked in 1, 5, 10 or 15-minute increments. But what is the best way to handle those “in-between” situations where workers clock in or out somewhere within the predetermined interval

Employee Motivation Techniques to Help Get the Most out of Your Staff

An autocratic, authoritative management style no longer works for motivating the modern employee. It takes a little more finesse and strong people skills to reach today’s millennials and make them feel that their contributions are valued.

Time tracking software: Increasing employee productivity & empowerment

Employee scheduling and time tracking can be burdensome processes. However, the failure to manage either one effectively can result in a substantial waste of money for any company.

How Time & Attendance Software Helps Reduce Your Labor Costs

Are spiraling labor costs having a negative impact on your company’s bottom line?


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